Blond Afro Guy

Tom Fenlon on the set of "Grand Theft Anal 2".

Tom Fenlon is a co-owner of Da Pr0z, giving him certain administrative rights over the group. He is a pornographic actor and stars in many Noel Oliver film's as a main role. He is one of the most avid users of crack in Da Pr0z.

Tom is from Liverpool, England and resides there as a scouse cunt. He often goes on nights out where he likes to sexually prey on overweight, (often older), women at clubs and bars. Tom Fenlon, despite the nature of his work, has been medically diagnosed with masturbation addiction.

Affiliation With Da Pr0zEdit

As well as being a co-owner of Da Pr0z, Tom Fenlon is an active member to this day. Most conversations tom is involved in are on the topics of masturbation, porn, crack, alcohol, canabis, hallucinogenic drugs and of course gaming.

MSN Screen Name: Tom Fenlon


Tom once masturbated 7 times in one day, (24 hour period).

Tom once met the president of Zimbabwe, and insisted for the president to allow him to kiss his feet, where he sucked the toe of the president and took a picture of it to add to his "Wank Bank".

Tom lost his virginity online.

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