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[[File:Pokemon-portrait.jpg|thumb|Jonah clutching his beloved Pikachu plush.]]
Jonah lives in England and is a Southern cunt. He is a co-owner and part of the omega trio consisting also of [[Ashwin Gadiyar|Ashwin]] and [[Tom Fenlon|Tom]]. He also created the Da Pr0z facebook page, which is used nowadays pretty much solely for Ashwin spamming links to 9gag pictures.
Yuz, as he is known, does nothing but chop ivy all day and fap to Hentai. He started a trend of getting permanently banned from RuneZone, for notorious trolling such as this:
Yuz entered the DP circle through a guy called Defectve Bow, who asked him to join Reborn Flare one day.
He created the famous Sgt Pain Exposed video.

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